Etna Volcano…. What’s up?

Sezione di Catania – Osservatorio Etneo reported that during 22 November-early December 2012 weak glow emanated from Etna’s New Southeast Crater (NSEC) caused by the emission of high-temperature gas. The glow was most intense during 1-2 December, then rapidly diminished and reappeared on 24 December. During 25-27 December sporadic and weak ash emissions from NSEC were accompanied by increased gas emissions. On the evening of 3 January a strong glow was briefly observed.

Vigorous Strombolian activity at Bocca Nuova Crater began at night during 9-10 January, three months after the last episode. At 0000 on 10 January a rapid rise in tremor amplitude was detected. Ten minutes later a video camera recorded the first incandescent burst in the E part of the crater, which progressively became stronger and more frequent. At 0350 jets of incandescent fragments rose significantly higher than the crater rim. In daylight the phenomenon was no longer visible via the surveillance cameras; the volcanic tremor amplitude remained elevated but started to decrease around 1200. In the early morning of 15 January volcanic tremor amplitude rapidly decreased, marking the cessation of Strombolian activity in the Bocca Nuova Crater.

Source: Sezione di Catania – Osservatorio Etneo

Etna’s new eruptive paroxysm

March 18, 2012 – new eruptive paroxysm of the Etna Volcano (22nd since January 2011) from New Southeast Crater (New SEC). This latest episode occurred precisely 14 days after its predecessor, the paroxysm of 4 March 2012.

Etna Volcano eruption - Ash plume

Ash plume – local time 09:36 [UTC+1

 At 09:36 a.m. the ash plume was already 4kms high. Wind direction took the falling ash over the “Valle del Bove” caldera covering a wide area in the eastern Etna sector.

Etna lava fountain

Etna lava fountains

Ash cloud from Etna crater

Ash cloud from Etna SE crater (local time 11:09 [UTC+1

The black ash fall out over the snowed caldera (Valle del Bove) and the flowing lava front from the South East crater on the left side.

Volcanic Tremor (eruption March 18 2012)

Volcanic tremor (eruption March 18 2012) by