Etna Eruption November 28-29, 2013

On November 28 I was alert

Volcanic Tremor variation during the last Etna eruptive paroxysm

Volcanic tremor variation during the last two Etna’s eruptive paroxysms

Etna Eruption November 28, 2013

Lava fountains activity on Etna volcano as seen trough the clouds (November 28, 2013 at 21:31 [UTC +1])

Steam ring from South-East Etna crater

Steam ring at right of the lava fountain. This image could be better, but please take in mind that the crater was about 19.5kms far away.

Stromboli Volcano – New eruption

On 10 January Sezione di Catania – Osservatorio Etneo reported that since the morning of 23 December 2012 overflowing lava from vents lying just below the rim of the northernmost explosive vent on Stromboli’s crater terrace generated small lava flows that traveled down the N and NW sectors of the Sciara del Fuoco. In addition, the rapid accumulation of spatter during intense explosive activity often generated small flows that were accompanied by numerous landslides. Major lava flows occurred on 23 December (traveling N), during 25-27 December (traveling NW), and on 7 January (traveling NW).

During the intervals between the main effusive episodes, lava was extruded at extremely low rates from the vents, resulting numerous incandescent blocks descending the Sciara del Fuoco. Sometimes small lava flows advanced for a few tens of meters before disintegrating into blocks, such as on the morning of 10 January 2013. In all cases, the effusion of lava was preceded, and often accompanied, by intense explosive activity on the crater terrace.

A report on 15 January noted that intermittent emissions of small lava flows from the crater terrace continued, sometimes accompanied by landslides caused by the sliding and rolling of loose rock material on the steep slope of the Sciara del Fuoco.

Source: Sezione di Catania – Osservatorio Etneo